Monday, 24 April 2017

Philips Multi Grooming Kit Unboxing + Review

Unboxing + Review

Philips All in One Head to Toe Multi Groomer comes with a variety of attachments which takes care of the complete grooming requirement with close to 60 adjustable integrated length settings allow beard trims, stubble combs, and body hair clipping to mention a few.

I really liked the complete packaging and design of the Phillips grooming Kit and Phillips has already set its mark in the electronics industry for its reliability and its top class products. I’ve been using the product for quite some time now and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the experience I had with Philips. I did not feel the need for making any additional purchases on grooming products as this product truly gives the meaning to the phrase “All-in-One”. For 3,500 Rupees I feel this is a steal deal!

Attachments received with the product:

  • -          Bodygroom shaver + Body trimming comb
  • -          Full –Size metal guard trimmer
  • -          Beard and Moustache comb
  • -          Detail trimmer
  • -          Nose trimmer
  • -          Detail and Eyebrow comb

Tutorial on how to use the attachments on the Philips Multigroom Kit


Praiseworthy Features of the product:

  • -          Amazing batter Life ( Even provides a 5 mins quick charge for a quick trim)
  • -          WATERPROOF!
  • -          Skin-friendly high performance
  • -          Turbo Power (This feature increases the RPM and provides a boost for fast results on thick hair)
  • -          Quick charge
  • -     2 Years world wide Warranty


  • -          The only drawback worth mentioning would be the heating issue, but it is on a negligible scale.


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