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Top Laptops for 2016 - 2017 [Budget and High end laptops]

 With the rapid revolution in technology, Laptops have played a key role in changing the face of the world. Instances where in Laptops have replaced desktops and tablets have become quite common. Having said picking the right one for your need can be quite an arduous task, I have tried to compile a list of the best laptops currently in the market.

Grab these on the GREAT INDIAN SUMMER SALE from OCtober 13 - 25 - 2015  for some amazing discounts.



Key Features:-

·         Core i5 (4th Generation) 4210U 1.7GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 2.7 GHz
·         4 GB DDR 3 RAM
·         500 GB 5400 rpm SATA HDD
·         8.1 64 bit preloaded,14"HD (IPS Multi-touch Slim Display 1366 x 768 Pixels)
·         2 GB Nvidea graphic card N15V-GM ddr
·         3,1.0 Megapixel Webcam,Touchpad ,Backlit Keyboard,
·         ,Bluetooth,4 cell battery backup up to 4.5 hrs,65 W AC Adapter power supply,2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0,Hdmi port,2 x SD Card Reader

With a 300 Degree foldable design by Lenovo similar to the Lenovo Yoga, A sure stand out entity packing a great performance with an integrated keyboard and touchpad. You can work through your workload quickly and efficiently.
The Lenovo FLEX 2 delivers an enhanced design, additional memory, stereo speakers and powerful integrated graphics.

 The versatile Lenovo Flex 2 is ideal for entertainment. It features a dual-mode design that will really bring the action closer when watching movies or using touch screen applications. This innovative notebook also features a fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor, dedicated graphics and a Full HD display to ensure the best in on-the-go computing.

Thanks to its Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, the Flex 2 is primed to keep you entertained, whether that's with videos and music or editing photos, sending emails and browsing the internet. You'll also be able to open multiple windows at once with the RAM memory able to keep things running smoothly.

Key Features:-

·         Intel Core i5 processor
·         Intel HD Graphics 6000
·         Up to 12 hours of battery life! (13-inch model)
·         802.11ac Wi-Fi
·         Multi-Touch trackpad

 Fit and finish – the MacBook Air has amazing looking. With stunning built quality. The SSD drive makes the experience lag free. And it is thin as a razor – thin, light, and durable, Apple has yet again proved they have what it takes to lead the pack!
      The MacBook Air's impressively compact dimensions belie the features and design that make for a premium computing experience, including a detailed HD LED screen, backlit keyboard for comfortable typing in low-light conditions and a durable and stylish silver chassis.

       With its durable unibody enclosure, LED-backlit display, and Multi-Touch trackpad, MacBook Pro looks beautiful and works stunningly.
An apple is an apple and an orange is an orange. That’s what they say.
Been a PC user since last 20 years of my life and this is my 2nd Macintosh. Ordered it during the Great Summer Sale on 8th May and got it at 8:30 AM 9th May. I had just woken up when the delivery person handed me the parcel. Talk about a nice start to the day.
Ok, coming to the actual product itself, the packaging was immaculate. Kudos to Amazon/Seller for such great care in Packing the Mac. The Mac itself was housed inside the now famous minimalist Apple Packaging. No sight of pervious use /wear n tear noticed. On the package, it was mentioned : The month of production was April 2015 and I got it on 9th May. Isn't that sweet?

Now this Macbook Air 13" is a sweet little machine. Trust me on this. This one is a shade little better than the previous Mac I got (Macbook Air 11 2014 model). Not much of a huge difference in performance other than a upgrade in processor and screen real estate. Now coming to the screen, this is a non retina display, which means on this day and age of super HD and IPS and Retina displays, this one feels a little old (display wise). Well I knew what I was getting and no gripes on that. But don't get me wrong.The screen is really good. Good for usual browsing, word processing and movie watching. I haven't done gaming on my Mac yet, and I don't intend to as well. (You Know Macs are not that famous for gaming)
Till I wrote this review I managed to edit videos on Apple Final Cut Pro X, and I am really impressed with it. This is a tiny machine but has got enough juice in it to export videos at 1080p under 2 Mins.
Apple India should give its customers the freedom to upgrade the specs like they allow in the US Apple site. 4gb Ram and 128 GB HDD space as of 2015 may look a little cramped. Come on Apple India, we Indians can't buy a Mac book very forth year, can we?
My suggestion would be to buy a external HDD (if you dont have one) and also a protector cover for the body as well as silicone keyboard cover.
I am very happy with the battery performance. Also remember that in order to increase the battery efficiency, always charge 100% let it discharge as well...Do not always keep that AC power on.


Key Features:-

·         4th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-4210U
·         Windows 8.1 Single Language
·         4GB RAM,1TB HDD
·         Intel® HD Graphics 4400
·         15.6″ HD LED Backlit Display Non Touch
·         McAfee® Security Center 15 Months

 Dell has come out with some exquisite technology the past few months, Dell Inspirion has a lived up to its standard and is light on the pocket at the same time, I’ve heard the service quality of Dell is quite amazing, The interior is understated with matt black plastic used for the palm rest and around the keyboard. The screen’s bezel uses a slightly textured material and it was nice to see there are no lights or LEDs to cause any distractions or break up the clean design. The display’s hinge was also solid and felt like it could live up to the rigours of extended use.

Dell Vostro V3546 (BUY NOW)


Key Features:-

·         1.7GHz with Turbo Boost 2.7GHz
·         Intel Core i5-4210U 4th Gen Processor
·         4GB DDR3 RAM
·         500GB Hard Drive
·         14 inch Screen
·         Linux Operating System
·         NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M 2GB DDR3L Graphics

Before I start off let me tell you, If you are looking for the best mid-range laptop for a reasonable price, No other competitors come close to what DELL vostro has to offer with that price tag. You cannot find any product offering these configurations in this price range considering a well-established brand.

The only drawback I can say is that it does not come with built in Windows, However this can be later installed if you are not comfortable with Linux. For an all-round day to day activity laptop, I feel this is one of the best reasonable priced laptops out there offering some pretty amazing specks

The sophisticated body of the device has a scratch-resistant cover that ensures maximum protection. You can rest assured that the textured finish on the lid can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Its 14 inch LED screen features Anti-Glare technology that significantly reduces the strain of on your eyes even if you work for a long period at a stretch. The 1366 x768 pixels HD screen resolution displays visuals with ultra clear details. Indeed, visual clarity is always good, whether it is office work or entertainment.

Indeed, the extent to which you can benefit from the high-end features and functions of the Dell laptop depends upon its battery. The 40Whr (Watt-Hours) 4-cell battery of Dell Vostro 3446 assures you of long backup when fully charged. Therefore, you will not have to look for a wall outlet after using the device for a while.
An all in all perfect score for the perfect budget laptop.

Key Features:-

·         2.2 GHz with Turbo Boost upto 2.7 Ghz
·         Intel Core i5-5200U 5th Gen Processor
·         8GB DDR3L-1600 RAM
·         1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA Hard drive
·         15.6-inch Screen HD LED Display
·         Windows 8.1 Operating System

·         NVIDIA GeForce 820M 2GB DDR3 Graphic Card

The HP 15-ab219TX Laptop is a complete value packed notebook which will help you take your office home with you and at the same time will be your perfect travel companion. It is equipped with an Intel Core i5-4210U processor which enables you to multitask without hassle. You will be able to run as many applications as you want with the help of the 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i5 processor. Its 4GB DDR3L SDRAM lets you operate this device seamlessly without any lag and it will let you enjoy a smooth working experience. If you want to store all your pictures, videos, songs and important documents, keep all your worries behind as the laptop is equipped with a 1TB hard disk which is more than enough to save all your data. Apart from this, the HP laptop also has an NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card which will help you play all the games you want to, with ease. If you are bored, all you need to do is switch on the laptop and kill your boredom. You can even listen to your favorite songs and watch movies and experience high quality sound as the dual speakers of the laptop will make sure you do not have to plug-in your headphones. Now prove that distance is just a word with the HP True Vision HD Webcam by talking to your loved ones through its video calling facility. Its integrated digital microphone will allow you to converse with them without worrying about ambient noise. The audio quality of this microphone is above average. The pre-installed Windows 8.1, 64 Bit operating system is one of the best operating systems. It is quite advanced and extremely user-friendly.

The best laptops of 2015-2016 come in a full range of prices. Set your budget before you shop and you will easily be able to find a great laptop to suit your needs!  Narrowing down all the laptops to find the best laptop of 2015-2016 can be almost impossible. There are so many really good laptops on the market that are almost identical in function and price finding the best one is almost impossible.
A lot of names have been thrown around by the critics and the experts but it seems there is no particular agreement among them which is best. AppleDellSonyLenovoAsus and Samsung all have produced contenders for the best laptop of 2016.

This year models are not quite as exciting as the release of 2015 largely because of the Windows 8 release that happened in 2015 but nonetheless there are still some serious upgrades to familiar models and a few new inventions that make this year pretty interesting for laptops


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    1. Thank you for your kind words Robert, Much appreciated.

  2. Have u checked HP 14 TS B157TU laptop?? It is an older one with i3 3227U processor but just wanna know its battery back up...

  3. Bit confused between macbook air MJVE2HN13.3 13.3 inch and macbook pro i5 3rd MD101HN. Suggestions please..

    1. Hi Yasir,

      Would be glad to help you, Go ahead what type of laptop are you looking for?
      Fill me in with the purpose on which you are looking to use the laptop for, Will be much helpful for me to pinpoint the perfect one for you.


    2. Hi Deep,
      I'm looking for a laptop that I'll be using in college, for the next 5 years for BCA & MCA.
      Could you please suggest some good laptops for that purpose?

  4. WOW!! thanks a ton buddy got Rs.4280 cash back on the Apple macbook using your amazon link!
    Can you please post more links to even smart phones and other latest laptops also??

    1. Hey Adithya,

      Glad that you liked it, Good decision on the Macbook, a great choice

      In regards to your query on smart phones, Here you go I've mentioned the link below:-

  5. brilliant post.. loved it, ordered the Flex - 2 - will let you know once i test it and if i get any discount..

  6. i heard ur blog from a friend he said he got 7k rs cashback on the dell inspiron 15r , i wanna buy Dell Vostro - can you please urgently update new links to the cashback amazon links?? i have dropped a msg in your inbox also .. pls help

    1. Hi Tanish,

      Links to Dell Vostro has been updated, Let me know if you need anything else.

      And do let us know on your thoughts on Dell Vostro once you do order and use it.

  7. your suggestion please
    i'm confused about the brand. i'm a student. specifications: sturdy, long battery life, suitable for programming (support various compilers), entertainment (music. tv shows, movies), 40k=55k price range

  8. Hi Jayati,

    A separate post has been created to facilitate queries on laptops for programmers/ students (link mentioned below) do check it out.

    You can spend your time researching more, But you'll end up seeing that its very rare where in a Macbook crashes which is a mighty requirement for all programmers out there..

    So the below is my top 5 suggestions to you, Keeping in mind your requirements.

    1) (Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HN/A)

    2) (Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN/A)

    3) (Dell 17.3-inch Laptop)

    4) (Lenovo U41-70)

    5) (HP 15-r204TX)

    Drop in a mail if you have any further doubts, Will try my best to help you out.

  9. Hey I wanted to buy an ultrabook. Im in a bschool right now and budget is probably below 1lakh.
    I wanted >250ssd and a good display. Please help me out as im very confused right now as to what would be a good buy specially in India as quite a few good ultra books are not available here(like the lower versions of XPS13).

    1. Hi Drishty,

      With your budget i think you can blindly turn in yourself with either Apple MacBook MJY32HN/A ( ) or the Apple MacBook Pro MF841HN/A ( ) , I would personally choose the latter. Both have some amazing specs and I can vouch that none can beat the Display which is packed my the Apple Macbook - The latter one has the state of the art Intel Iris Graphics 6100 display and packs in a 512 GB SSD hard disk.

      I understand that this can be quite confusing at this stage to pop a pin point answer. So if you have doubts on the places providing the cheapest price or any specifications or any other doubts regarding laptops, Do drop in a mail to , My team will get back to you asap.

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    1. Hi Archit,

      The hp15- r204tx and hp15-ac033tx are very similar, In fact both the laptops are good enough to play more then mediocre games and to process your day to day activities. Since you have highlighted that you are into games I would suggest go with the hp15-ac033tx ( as its equipped with AMD Radeon R5 Series M330 graphics card when compared to the NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics chip on hp15- r204tx

      Reasons to consider the AMD Radeon over NVIDIA GeForce:-

      Around 30% higher clock speed
      4x more memory
      Around 2.2x better floating-point performance
      More than 2.5x higher pixel rate
      More than 60% higher texture rate
      224 more shading units
      More than 10% higher memory clock speed

      Also I would suggest you purchase the product using the below link from Amazon, Paytm is also fine but if you are spending a good amount money its better to be safe then sorry. I can vouch for the replacement and sercixing of your laptop as Amazon's policy for all these kind of things are at the top notch level and since Paytm is new I cannot guarantee the quality of products delivered by them. (Personal experience - Was delivered a fake power bank and they refused to replace it)

      HP 15-r204TX -

      HP 15-AC033TX -

  11. I want to buy a laptop within Rs. 40000. The laptop would be used for light business work , entertainment and medium level gaming. I would prefer a Core i5 processor. I have Lenovo G50 70 and Dell Vostro in mind. I have no idea about the reviews of Asus and Acer in this range. Please suggest which one would be the best.

    Also provide a link for cash back if you have any. Thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Shruti,

      A budget of 40,000 rupees would fetch you everything you have mentioned.
      And Lenovo G50 70 and Dell Vostro are excellent choices in fact, Asus and Acer also have a good range of laptops, But the only problem I hear back from my customers is that the servicing is very bad when they try to claim warranty.

      In my personal suggestion please see the below top 3 with cash back links:-

      1) HP 15-r204tu -
      2) Lenovo G50-70 -
      3) Lenovo 59-443034 - (New edition)

      Do let me know if you have any further doubts -

  12. Sir , currently I's using Lenovo E431 with i5 3230 m processor clocked at 2.6 gzh ( turbo 3.2 ghz) for my business. Our accounting software is based on Sql server ,dot net. Now I'm planning to switch over to a "Touch" screen , "light weight" laptop with performance at par or higher than my current one. Please suggest me a model around 60 k. I need a Hybrid Hard disk too.

    1. Hi Karthick,

      The Lenovo Yoga series would best suit your needs, However the HP Envy 15-k102TX also does a decent job covering your requirements, Please check the below suggestion (Drop in a mail if you need further details on the laptop or specifications)

      1) Lenovo Yoga 80N40041IN -

      2) HP Pavilion 15-p003TX -

      3) HP Envy 15-k102TX -

  13. This article is really fantastic and thanks for sharing the valuable info

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  14. hi sir im interior designer my budget is 45000
    can u plz suggest me for best laptops/configuration
    im using lots of hevy software eg.autocad 15,sketchup 15,vray,photoshop etc

    1. Hi Shivaji,

      Any specific brand your looking for?
      Well if you could stretch a little bit extra, I would surely suggest you the Macbook - Would be perfect for any designer. A very well built body and capable of handling heavy duty softwares including the you mentioned.

      HP 15-r204TX and Lenovo Flex-2 would also be excellent choices for your stream of business.
      packing in 4 GM RAM and a 2.2Ghz processor with Turbo Boost upto 2.7Ghz these are some options you can explore upon, Do let me know if you need anything else or any doubts on these models.
      (The Great Indian summer sale is going on now and would be the best time to grab these products, Amazon has slashed in some fantastic discounts - Links mentioned below)

      Macbook Pro -

      HP 15-r204TX -

      Lenovo Flex-2 -

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  17. i want to buy laptop could you suggest any laptop under 25,000


  18. This is nice post and mostly time I am searching cheap laptop ....and your post is useful for me .

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  19. Hi really informative article. Can u suggest me a good laptop with specs such as i3 processor, 2gb graphics, 4 gb ram,etc. Am currently looking at Hp pavilion 15 ab028tx. Can u suggest something on similar lines . The laptop should be durable , as in strong build quality. Also, I read above that people get cash back if they buy through your link. Can u provide me one

    1. Hi,

      A budget quote would have been much helpful, But keeping in mind you are looking somewhere in the lines of Hp pavilion 15 ab028tx., I take it it should be around Rs 40,000.

      As usual i would always suggest my customers to go for the Apple Macbook, Trust me it is worth every single penny and wont be regretted. In terms of your requirement, Please see my top 5 laptops in that configuration with that budget in the market currently below:

      1) Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN/A -

      2) Dell Inspiron 5558 -

      (Dell's latest release this 2015 - Comes with Windows 8.1 pre-installed)

      3) HP 15-AB028TX -

      4) Lenovo G50-70 59-422423 -

      5) ASUS X555LA -

      The great Indian summer sale had lots of amazing offer, Do check them out and let me know any further doubts on these laptops, Will get back to you asap.

    2. Hey, thanks for the reply... And yeah my budget is 40- 45 k... Thanks for the options given... I'll check them out and get back to you if I have Any doubts... One more thing which laptop has the best build quality except the Mac book , like the display hinges would be strong, etc... Once again Thanks...

    3. Hi , as I researched I came to know about this laptop "Lenovo G50-80 80E502UKIN". This comes with an i5 processor... And is in my budget. So , what would you suggest, this Lenovo or the above mentioned Hp pavilion 15 Ab028tx.. Also do comment on the built quality of both these laptops. Built quality is important to me... Thanks...

  20. I am confused between hp 15-ac116tx and hp 15-ab028tx. On paper ab028tx is right but i dont know anything about battery backup and its graphic card in compare of ac116tx. And i also wanted to preder metal body

  21. Hi Krupesh,

    Yes I agree with you, The HP 15-AB028TX strikes a great deal the the config and price when compared to the ac116tx.
    You get a good 7 - 8 hours of battery life on normal use and packs in a AMD R7 graphic card which does more then a decent job in giving out a excellent gaming experience.
    The below would be the main differences between

    ac116tx has a HD BrightView WLED-backlit while ab028tx has FHD anti-glare LED-backlit

    ac116tx has a AMD Radeon R5 M330 while ab028tx has AMD Radeon R7 M360 graphic card.

    Maximum Display Resolution (dpi) on ac116tx - 1366 x 768
    Maximum Display Resolution (dpi) on ab028tx - 1920 x 1080

    After much research found out that both have a firmly built durable body plus comes with a 3 year warranty.

    HP 15-ac116TX -
    HP 15-AB028TX -

  22. Hi , can u please suggest me a laptop for normal gaming under 40k ?
    I wanted to get ASUS X555LJ 130D , specs i5 5th gen + 4gb ram + nvidia 920.
    I heard ppl say go for 940 , bcoz 920 is bad.
    But i see all 940 laptops above 50k ..
    Am totally confused in what to buy , Please tell me a laptop with best gpu under 40k segment.
    Are there any new releases in midrange laptops

  23. Hi, Can u please tell what is the difference between lenovo yoga 500 and lenovo flex 2 14(the link u provided).

    1. Hi Gauthama,

      Lenovo claimed recently that they launched the flex series in india by rebranding it as the Yoga series to receive more local attraction, In terms of configuration there is not much difference which can be pointed out, Would suggest to go for the cheaper one.

  24. hi i am fully confused about laptops suggest me good laptop withini should be fast and good battery good customer service(these two are very important).the things around should be robust.i used to deal with the things roughly.laptop should give long's weight should not cross 2kgs.

  25. my preference is 5th generation.if it reaches all specification i am ready to afford up to 45000

  26. thanks for providing the information above! i've been searching for websites which would provide me the necessary informations which i need.... i'd like it if you take the time to suggest me a laptop under 45-50k. i am currently pursuing my degree in interior designing. i've searched through the net, but when i find a laptop that fulfills my needs.. it is a little too pricey as i dont want to spend much money on it... like they say, we'll have to keep on changing laptops every year according the the advance in technology.. i'll detail some of the minimum requirements:
    processor: i5 dual core processor(or better)
    RAM: 4gb RAM (minimum)
    Harddrive: 500gb (solid state necessary)
    data storage : DVD-RW required
    Screen:1280x1024 with true colour(or better)
    (thanks in advance for the help) :)

    1. Hi Nelly,

      I totally agree, the technology world is always rapidly changing and the most robust laptop might turn obsolete in a few months. But I also believe that a smart decision while buying a laptop will give you a good amazing 3-4 experience. I bet all the apple owners can proudly back me up on this.

      Any ways coming to your requirements, The main problem would be your requirement of the 500 GB solid state HD which will create a huge dent in your pocket to suffice this and the closest one I could suggest would be the below:-

      Lenovo Yoga 500 - (Laptop link)

      Intel® CoreTM i5 5200 U Processor, 4GB memory, SSHD 500G 7MM 5400RPM(8G)HDD , Screen Size: 14" FHD+ IPS AG TOUCH, Windows 8.1 Operating system, Integrated Graphics
      4 GB DDR3 RAM
      500 GB SHDD
      Speakers: 2x 1.5W,
      Camera : HD 720P WITH ARRAY MIC

      The 500 GB stated will be a combination of 8 GB SSD capabilities and the rest giving you a normal SATA speed. I'll keep you updated if there's anything better coming up.

  27. Replies
    1. Hi Darshit,

      You need to tap the right site at the right time, I have received your request to suggest a suitable laptop for the requirements you have provided, My team is already investigating the same and will get back to you shortly via email with all the details regarding the best laptops for your suitability.

      Will surely help you out for any further clarifications.

      Thank you,
      Deep bheep

  28. I want to buy laptop 30-35k

    1. Can you please provide more details on your requirement/purpose you intend to use the laptop for?
      This will help me to decide the laptop which will suit your needs.

  29. Hi, I am looking for a 14" laptop with a Full HD display. I am a generic user, I use MS office, browsing and some light multimedia. Any options under 30-35K?. Preferences (negotiable) i3 Gen 5/6 with 2+ clock speed, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD. I am looking for an immediate buy, thanks in advance! :)

  30. I forgot to mention in the above comment I prefer a OEM OS installed, may be Win10. My 2010 laptop Dell laptop was 2.13Ghz core i3. Why it is 1.7-2.2 Ghz in most models nowadays?. This have got anything to do with the generation of processor?.

  31. this is also good site which has variety of good laptosp collection for 2017 :

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  45. *Best gaming laptop in best price*
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    Steal Deal : Acer Nitro AN515-31 15.6-inch Notebook (Core i7 8550U/8GB/1TB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Black @49,990/-
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  48. Is there anyone selling refurbished laptops in UK ??? I am looking to buy some of them for my brother and friends.

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